Manuscript Illumination Course

Nagihan Seymour

Course Dates: Wednesday 6th May – 24th June

Times: 6 pm – 9 pm

Fee: £280

The 8-week course introduces you to ‘Tezhip’ according to the Ottoman tradition. You will learn the Ottoman tradition’s geometric and floral patterns as well as how to decorate the border of Islamic manuscripts. Students will be able to create their own composition and finish it using traditional painting and illumination techniques.

Course Features

  • Max Students15
  • Duration8 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Illumination Course Curriculum

    This course starts with an overview of the history and origins of the art and its roots in traditional Islamic manuscript illumination. Students will have the opportunity to learn traditional methods of preparing “murakka” (paper) and gold from gold leaf they will use in their works. Different painting techniques of Islamic Illumination such as “tezhip” and “halkar” will be shown and they will analyse how to design and paint an illuminated shamsa composition, meaning “sun burst” which is a classic Islamic manuscript illumination style incorporating floral design. At the end of the course, students will have two finished projects both in halkar and classical tezhip styles.


Nagihan Seymour
Nagihan Seymour

Nagihan Seymour is a UK based Turkish artist. Although she is a materials engineer, she has been interested in art since her university years. She started to study traditional arts privately in 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey, learning the tradition and techniques involved in the discipline from Hanifi Dursun. Manuscript illumination was the major part of her studies, and as her style has developed she started to combine sacred geometry with classic illumination, putting a modern twist on an ancient art form. She had her first solo exhibition “Reflection and Illumination” in March 2017 at The Lightbox Gallery, Woking, which was one of the bestselling exhibitions of the gallery.
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