Face-to-Face Workshop: Paper Marbling

As part of the commemoration of the 700th Anniversary of Yunus Emre’s death, Yunus Emre Institute in London is delighted to organise a face-to-face ebru (paper marbling) workshop at the University of Edinburgh in coordination with ATAS and Turkish Consulate General in Edinburgh on Friday, 22 October 2021 at 7:00-8:30 pm 

The workshop will be instructed by talented ebru artist Esma Uğurluoğlu and free of charge to attend.  

About the Ebru Workshop: 

Ebru (paper marbling) is one of the most popular Turkish traditional arts . This storied art has been used to decorate the inside covers of books for centuries but has developed into an independent artform. Ebru artists create sprinkle and brush natural colour pigments onto a pan of oily water to create spectacular patterns and transfer the patterns to paper.  

While Ebru artists consider their art to be a central part of their traditional culture and identity and lifestyle, participants will be able to get a taste of this enchanting art and take their unique masterpieces home! This FACE-TO-FACE workshop will cover “floral patterns in the art of paper marbling” by artist Esma Ugurluoglu who will provide participants with both practical and historical information on and around the art. They will also learn about the materials in use, traditional patterns and about the preparation of water and dyes. 

Date: Friday, 22 October 2021 

Time: 7:00-8:30 pm (UK Time) 

Fee: Free 

ClassSize: 12 

Instructor: Esma Ugurluoglu  

Location: Balcony Room, Teviot Row House Student Union 13 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9AJ 

About the Instructor: 

 Esma Ugurluoglu: The artist was born in Istanbul in 1992. She graduated from Traditional Turkish Arts` Illumination main branch at Sakarya University. During her undergraduate education, she studied bookbinding, miniature, calligraphy, tile art and the marbling art in Sümbül Efendi Ebrihane. She has been living in England since 2016. She gives art workshops in various institutions and organizations in England and sells his works in his own brand Esmarengiz Design. She is an artist who sees art as a common language and aims to transfer traditional Turkish arts from generation to generation by adding beauty to people’s lives. 

About Yunus Emre Festival: 

2021, the 700th anniversary of the passing of Yunus Emre, famous 13th century poet and Sufi. As such, 2021 has been named Yunus Emre Year by UNESCO. Yunus Emre, has an immense influence on Turkish literature and philosophical thought, from his own day until the present. In honour of this momentous anniversary, Yunus Emre Institute in London, the Turkish Consulate General in Edinburgh and ATAS (Association of Turkish Alumni and Students) are jointly organising a 3-day celebration in Edinburgh.  

The celebrations will include the Sounds from Yunus Emre concert lead by master Oudist Baha Yetkin (Wednesday 20 October 2021), an ebru (paper marbling) workshop with artist Esma Uğurluoğlu (Friday 22 October 2021) and the screening of Yunus Emre: Aşkın Sesi with a question-and-answer interview with the screenwriter and director of the film, Kürşat Kızbaz (Saturday, 23 October 2021).