Date: Thursdays, 27th January – 31st March 2022*
Time: 6-8 pm (UK time)
Duration: 8 weeks
Fee:  £190 (excludes materials)
Class Size: Min. 3 – Max.12 Students
Instructor: Nuria Garcia Masip

*Please note that there will be no class on the 24th of February and 10th of March.

This ONLINE calligraphy course will introduce you to the Sülüs/Thuluth script according to the Ottoman classical tradition of ‘Hüsn-i hat’.  This course will start with a brief historical introduction, and an overview of the traditional teaching methods, tools and materials. Participants will learn the individual letters of the alphabet in the sülüs/thuluth script according to the system of proportion, harmony and balance.  This will be combined with calligraphy exercises exploring the principles of composition and creation. Throughout the course students will be guided by the Hattat/Calligrapher with demonstrations, feedback and videos.  Individual practice throughout the week is recommended in order to fully benefit from this course.


Required Equipment & Materials***

  • Reed pen (Kalem) x 1 (cut at approx. 3mm wide)
  • Reed pen large
  • Raw silk wad  (Lika) x1
  • Glass or plastic inkwell x1
  • Traditional Iranian or Turkish black soot ink for calligraphy, or alternatively, water based Japanese black ink for small script  x 1
  • Glossy paper, 1 package, maximum 135gsm or less (specific references for the paper can be provided upon request)
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Optional: Pen rest (Makta) and penknife or cutter.

*** Please note that materials listed above are required for this course. You may wish to purchase your own materials or you can buy from the instructor at an additional cost of £40 plus a postage fee (includes ink, inkwell, lika, 2 kalems). Please contact the course instructor Nuria Garcia Masip at Please calculate at least one week for shipping of materials if you need to purchase them.


Classes will take place through ZOOM, an online platform. 
ZOOM in 2 Easy Steps:
1. You will need an internet enabled device with a microphone and camera such as a laptop, phone or tablet.
Phones and tablets: Download zoom app.
Laptops: Visit (No download required)
For further technical support visit
2. You will receive a personalised link one day before the course starts. The link will take you directly to your virtual classroom.

IMPORTANT! Since our lessons are interactive, we do not share our zoom recordings due to GDPR , so please try to attend your classes at the specified time.

If you have any questions or queries, please direct them to us on