Spring Branch – Semi stylized Flowers of Tezhip (Saturday)



Online Workshop on Spring Branch/ Blossom – Semi stylized Flowers of Tezhip

Date:  Saturday, 9 October 2021
Time:12 pm-2.30 pm (UK Time)
Fee: £15 (excludes materials)
Class Size: Min. 4 – Max.10 participants
Instructor: Nagihan Seymour

Required Equipment & Materials: Watercolour Paper (300gsm), A4 Paper, Tracing paper, Pencil, A ruler, Eraser, Palette, Gouache or watercolour Paint (White, Black, Gold, Red, Green and Blue), 3-0 and 0 Paint Brush

This ONLINE workshop will cover “Spring Branch/ Blossom – Semi stylized Flowers of Tezhip” by artist Nagihan Seymour.

Tezhip is the art of illumination and means ornamenting with gold. It is a traditional Turkish art form originally used for decorating precious books and manuscripts. In this decorative art there are many different types of motifs.

In the 15th century Karamemi who was the head artist of Ottoman Palace invented and added many different motifs to today’s Tezhip. One of them is naturalistic and semi stylized flowers.

These flowers involve roses, hyacinths, tulips, carnations, and spring blossoms, along with many other flowers such as anemones, violets and lilies.

Roses are extensively used in many different compositions in Tezhip. Spring Blossoms are one of the most loved motifs not only in Tezhip but in other arts in Ottoman time such as Iznik ceramics. Hyacinths are especially used in combination with cypress trees.

During this workshop, students will learn semi stylized spring branch/blossoms. Also, they will practice how to combine these flowers in patterns, and they will construct a border composition step by step. Students will then paint a previously drawn and transferred spring branch together and learn both outlining and painting techniques suitable these flowers.

Classes will take place through ZOOM, an online platform. 
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