Turkish Desserts Demonstration with Chef Servet Kılıç

Date: Friday, 13 May 2022
Time: 3 – 5 pm
Fee: £30
Class Size: Min. 4 – Max.15 participants

If Turkish cuisine is full of precious gems we know and love, some its crowning glories has to be the delectable deserts that decorate the food culture. During this demonstration, you will be shown how to make Künefe, Rulo Baklava, and Kazandibi.   

Künefe is regarded as one of Türkiye’s most delicious desserts due to its unique flavour, which combines sweet sugary pastry (kadayıf) with a delectable cheese filling, and Rulo Baklava is an elegant variation of the sweet filo pastry dessert that has captured the hearts of people all over the world. Although Kazandibi is a lesser-known classic; a rich milky pudding topped with a golden-brown coating of caramelised sugar, it will quickly become one of your favourite desserts.

Through the expertise of master chef Servet Kılıç, you will be taught how to make these tasty treats as well as the tip and tricks you can use to ensure perfection in taste and presentation! You will even get the opportunity to try the mouth-watering dessert at the end of the event! 

Satisfy your sweet tooth craving and expand your dessert repertoire with Yunus Emre Institute London. 

Allergen information: The recipe in this workshop may contain traces of wheat, fish, dairy, eggs, soy and nuts. Unfortunately, the original recipes cannot be modified to accommodate any substitutions or alterations. Please contact us before booking your course if you need further information about the ingredients. Kindly note that any food consumed is done so under your own risk.