Concert: From Kashgar to Istanbul

Concert: From Kashgar to Istanbul

Maqam music is the most significant junction of the musical path between two great cultural cities of the east, Kashgar and Istanbul.
The ‘From Kashgar to İstanbul’ project will try to emphasize the similarities of Uyghur and Turkish Maqam repertoires in the most appealing way and in doing so, aims to convey the broad geographical spread of the Turkic world music and the historical depth to the audience.

Musicians: Erdem Özdemir (bağlama), Rahima Mahmut (vocal), Rachel Harris (dutar), Nizamidin Sametov (tämbur).

Date: 27th March 2018
Time: 7pm
Booking Fee: £5
Venue: 10 Maple Street W1T 5HA

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