2nd Turkish Community Art Exhibition

Featuring the artwork of UK-based Turkish artists, the 2nd Turkish Community Art Exhibition at Yunus Emre Institute in London brought local art to art lovers under the banner of community communication.

The opening ceremony on 27th January 2020, organised with the help of the London Turkish Consulate General, drew in a large amount of interest from the artistic community and was attended by Consul General Çınar Ergin, Counsellors Sezin Yeşildağ and Ahenk Dereli, along with a large crowd of art enthusiasts.

As stressed by the director of Yunus Emre Institute in London, Dr Mehmet Karakus, the first exhibition received a great amount of attention and was an exciting start in the exhibition’s journey. With its active and lively nature, the Turkish community has a ‘vast potential to contribute so much to society as a whole and this exhibition is no exception’, as Consul General of Turkey in London, Çınar Ergin stated.

As Mr Ergin continues, this exhibition serves as a platform to those yet to find a stage to present their art, an inspiration to those yet to display theirs, or an enjoyable event for those who simply love art. With mounting excitement, both the amount of submissions and attendance has increased since then. A clear indicator of the success of the programme.

Aiming to provide a platform for both amateur and professional Turkish artists living in the UK to display their work, this annual exhibition was also a means to foster increased dialogue and experience exchange across the Turkish diaspora.
This year, the exhibition showcased a range of classical and modern paintings, sculptures, ceramic works, charcoal, marbling and illumination.

The exhibition was open to visitors until Monday 17th February 2020.


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