Istanbul Art Trip 2018

On the first day of The İstanbul Art Trip in 2018, our students visited Süleymaniye Mosque as well as the tombs of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (Suleiman the Magnificent) and his wife Haseki Hürrem Sultan. This breathtakingly beautiful mosque was commissioned by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and was designed by the imperial architect Mimar Sinan. They also stopped by the Zersanat Group Tezhip and Hat exhibition. They finalised the day by working on some tile patterns of Rüstem Paşa Mosque. The students followed by visiting Albaraka Sanat and Ebru Artist Semiha Beylihan on the second day of the trip.

After the wonderful Ebru (Paper Marbling) workshop, they met with Tezhip (Illumination) & Hat (Calligraphy) Artist Hanifi Dursun who showed great examples of the arts. A visit to world-renowned Master Calligrapher (Hattat) Hasan Çelebi followed, who welcomed the students warmly and shared his experiences in the field. They also had a chance to see the new mosque of Çamlıca.

On the Final days of the trip, the students visited a few famous and historical landmarks, including the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. Students had the opportunity to experience the designs and ideas behind these grand places and had a few short sessions on pattern making in the traditional Tezhip and Iznik style. A wonderful trip ending with the masterpieces of our predecessors.


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