Meet the Author Series

with Dr. David Parry

Session 4 : Insecure Literature

Our extremely successful series, “Meet the Author” continues with three exceptional individuals exploring literature at the margins of discourse, who, nevertheless, are concerned about the overall morality of espionage; along with ways within which honest diplomacy and international relations can benefit global society generally. As such, The Yunus Emre Enstitüsü – London, is truly delighted to welcome author, mystic, Soviet Hippy and ex-BBC journalist, Mr. Vladimir Wiedemann, the controversial journalist and researcher, Alexander Barron, as well as the young essayist, budding historiographer and talented linguist, Mr. Daniele Irandoost, to join us in this June panel. An evening chaired by Dr. David Parry.

Date: Wednesday 13th June 2018

Time: 6:30pm – 8pm

Venue: 10 Maple Street, London, W1T 5HA

FREE ADMISSION but registiration required via eventbrite!

Vladimir Vladimirovich Wiedemann is a philosopher, writer, journalist and practising mystic. Born Estonian, he attended the renowned Tartu-Moscow school of semiotics; wherein he completed a thesis entitled: “Leonid Andreev and Arthur Schopenhauer: Motives of Schopenhauer’s philosophy in the Russian culture of the Silver Age”. Also, as an activist in the banned Hippy and New Age movements of Soviet counter-culture he organised private lectures and seminars on Anthropology and the history of religions, while running underground Yoga and Martial Arts groups: eventually becoming a secretary to philosopher Rama Tamm: a mystic heading the now infamous Forest Academy for theoretical and practical parapsychology. Thus, as a scholar who has travelled extensively, as well as the author of more than 20 books, Wiedemann has an overwhelming experience of insecurity and literature.

Alexander Baron was born in Dulwich, South London. After a difficult childhood and a wasted youth, he eventually found his true vocation as a journalist and writer in 1984. Thus, since 1988, Baron has carried out seminal research in a number of controversial fields; including corruption within international diplomacy. As a social and cultural activist with an “exploratory outlook,” Baron has created and maintains two exceedingly well-received on-line archives: one relating to censorship in the UK, as well as another directly dealing with home-based security issues.

Daniele Irandoost is a writer, teacher and budding historiographer, who is about to start reading for a second postgraduate degree at University College London. As a young scholar recently awarded the highly prestigious Ken Robertson Prize for Intelligence Studies, as well as an independent researcher already acknowledged as a specialist in International Security, Irandoost is currently attracting the attention of senior colleagues with his groundbreaking articles; particularly those focussing on espionage in Central Asia, along with failed diplomatic exchanges across the Caucasus.

About the Meet the Author Series: In this series of six groundbreaking seminars, Dr. David Parry will chair internationally respected panels exploring the processes of imagination both East and West. Indeed, writers, researchers, artists and scholars will convene to examine the unique significance of Eurasian Text, along with its growing reputation for genuinely original insights into our human condition. As such, the issues under discussion will range from the clash of tradition and modernity, to the poetics of love, the ethical challenges faced by our contemporary society and the vital role played by creatives from our respective cultures.