Talk by Dr Tuğba Aydın Öztürk

Yunus Emre Institute hosted 10th of Arts&Culture lecture series with the theme of “A Brief Review on Music Culture in İstanbul”.

During the lecture Dr Tuğba Aydın Öztürk, who is both an academician owning her Ph.D. on Musicology and Music Theory at Istanbul Technical University and a musician, talked about development of music in Istanbul and how it was practiced during Ottoman and Republic era. Öztürk added, “Istanbul has always been a significant centre of culture not only with its location as a bridge between Europe and Asia but also with its thousand years of history and its value as a home for different cultures. This multicultural city is inspired by art, history, culture, differences and similarities among people. The impressions of music as one of the most important branches of the art can be experienced in the streets, people and more generally in the daily life of the city.”

Dr. Özturk who is studying on the sociology of music as an academician has also composed about 60 songs and stage performs as a singer.

The lecture which mainly presented a reflection of popular music on Turkish society ended with Dr Özturk’s singing an oldies Turkish song upon the request of the audience.