Coşkun Karademir (Bağlama)

Özer Özel (Tanbur)

Without a doubt, one of the most important forms of expression for cultures from generation to generation is music. Music encompasses every civilization and establishes and enlivens the connections between civilizations. As a result, every instrument and musician is of great importance. The unique melodies produced by every musician is their interpretation of their own culture. Anatolia, the home of some of the oldest settlements, people, languages, drawings, sounds and poems in history; is a musical civilization. Tanbur master Özer Özel and Bağlama master Coşkun Karademir combine to represent their interpretation of Anatolia and its culture with their style of music.

Date of the concert:  Saturday, 16 November 2019

Doors Open: 6 pm

Concert Starts: 7 pm

Venue:  St. Cyprain’s Clarence Gate

Glentworth St, Marylebone, London NW1 6 AX

Tickets: £10

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Coşkun Karademir

After learning the bağlama from countless masters, Coşkun Karademir devoted himself to folk and mystical music. Arguably the highlight of his career so far, his album “Endless Path” was quickly acclaimed by the press and musical authorities as a “masterpiece of mystical music.” With a variety of solo, duo, quartet and ensemble projects, Coşkun Karademir continues to present local musical textures to world music audiences. Blending his own work with that of great sufis, âşıks and minstrels who have left an indelible mark on hearts throughout history, he lovingly crafts his own original art.

Özer Özel

Özer Özel was born in Sapanca in 1968. After his early education in Sapanca, he started learning the tanbur from Necip Gülses in Adapazarı Municipality Conservatory – Instrument Construction Department between 1986 – 1988 and he continued learning the tanbur as a follower of the Necdet Yaşar ecole. Between 1989 – 1994, he completed his bachelor’s degree at Istanbul Technical University and later completed his masters at the same university in 1997. During that time, specifically between 1991 – 1997, he worked as a tanbur player at the Turkish Ministry of Culture – Istanbul State Turkish Music Ensemble. Özer Özel has been a part of many concerts both in Turkey and abroad and has contributed to many albums and soundtracks throughout his career with his expertise in the tanbur, string tanbur, yaylı tanbur and bağlama. Currently, he is still continuing his academic study of music as a faculty member at The Faculty of Art and Design – The Department of Music and Performing Arts in Yildiz Technical University.