Love of Sounds Concert Series

Organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London, Love of Sounds took place on 16 November in London and 18 November in Dublin, respectively. The concert united Tanbur Master Özer Özel and Bağlama Master Coşkun Karademir for a distinctive performance. The high ceilings of St. Cyprian’s were filled with harmony as the two artists performed selective pieces.

Through their strong cultural connection with their homeland and dominance they possess over their instruments, Özer and Karademir represent Turkey to the World of Music in an exceptional manner. In addition, the artists demonstrated the stories that could be told and feelings one could experience through hearing the sounds of the Tanbur and Bağlama.

Pieces that were performed by Özel and Karademir included “Elif Dedim Be Dedim”, “Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım”,“Bir Fırtına Tuttu Bizi”, “Yarim Istanbul’u Mesken Mi Tuttun”, “Yazımı Kışa Çevirdin”, “O Sen Misin”, “Hak Yarattı Alemi Aşkına Muhammedin” and “Daha Senden Gayrı Aşk Mı Yoktur”, a selection of early Anatolian sounds and songs.

The audience were greeted with a feast of Turkish Music where traditional instruments met Classical Turkish Music. The combination of the Tanbur and Bağlama was very much enjoyed and appreciated.

The concert drew great interest from a large variety of audience coming from different walks ol life.

Organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London and supported by Turkish Airlines and Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Dublin, Özer Özel and Coşkun Karademir held their first concert in London and Dublin whilst sharing the sounds of Anatolia with arts lovers in their distinguished style and vision.