A Talk by Dr. Razia Sultanova

A Muslim Soundscape: The Music of Uzbek and Tajik Migrant Communities in Post-Soviet Moscow

The Soviet Union was the last great world empire with borders stretched from Europe to Asia. Within these borders lived 120 ethnic groups divided into fifteen republics and various autonomous regions, with an overall population of nearly 300 million. After  the  collapse  of the USSR, non-Russian peoples  faced  multiple  problems  sending only within Russia’s borders up to 15-16 million migrant workers. According to recent official figures, about 2 million Central Asian migrant workers live in Moscow which is becoming “Europe’s largest Muslim city”. How does music help one adapt  to new places and a new mode of life? This talk will focus on how the current soundscape of Moscow is an indicator of social, religious, and broadening the cultural definition of present-day Moscow.

Date: Thursday, 5th December 2019

Time: 7 – 8:30 pm

Venue: Yunus Emre Institute in London

Admission is FREE but registration is ESSENTIAL.

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Dr Razia Sultanova is a musicologist and cultural anthropologist. Born in Russia and having grown up in Uzbekistan, she studied and consequently worked at both the Uzbek and Moscow State Conservatories. After moving to the UK – specifically to the University of London; Goldsmiths College and SOAS – she has since moved to Cambridge University and worked there since 2008. Her primary areas of research are Central Asian and Middle Eastern culture, which includes studies on ‘Islam and music’, and ‘Gender and music. Razia Sultanova has been awarded a number of international scholarships, including but not limited to those: in Germany (DFG in 1993, the Ministry of Culture of the Land Brandenburg 1994, 1997); in France (L’Institut Français d’Etudes sur l’Asie Centrale in 1996, 1997); and in the UK (1999 onwards).

This event is a part of the Arts&Culture Lecture Series organised by Yunus Emre Institute in London.

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