Talk : Echoes From the Deep


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Echoes from the Deep: The Wrecks of the Dardanelles Campaign by Savaş Karakaş

Yunus Emre Institute in London is proud to host a talk titled ‘Echoes from the Deep: The Wrecks of the Dardanelles Campaign’ by Savaş Karakaş on the 19th of March at 8 pm. The event will start with a talk and followed by a book signing with the authors.

“We are looking for all the battleships and supply vessels that were on active service in the Dardanelles in 1915 and that were later left, forgotten in the depths of the sea…” These are the words of Savaş Karakaş, an award-winning Turkish documentary filmmaker and experienced diver, who is exploring the underwater traces of the Gallipoli Campaign. Savaş Karakaş has produced several documentaries on the subject so far, including “Gallipoli: History in the Depths”, which showed the first ever underwater shootings of sunken warships of Gallipoli, and “Gallipoli: War Beneath the Waves”, which documented the lost submarines of the Gallipoli Campaign. “Echoes from the Deep” is his final tribute to the Gallipoli Campaign on the occasion of its Centenary.

About the Author

Savaş Karakaş was born in 1968 in Ankara and holds a BA in Economics. His TV career started in 1995 and is today an award-winning documentary producer/director keeping track of his grandfather who fought at Gallipoli in 1915. ‘Gallipoli: History in the Depths’ (1998), ‘Gallipoli: War Beneath the Waves’ (2006), ‘Echoes from the Deep’ (2013) and ‘Midilli (ex-SMS Breslau)’ (2018) are the most famous of his many documentary productions focusing on the shipwrecks of the Gallipoli Campaign. His productions focus a broad spectrum of topics, from the stories of sponge divers to Turkish submarine accidents, from the dancing bears to dolphins in captivity. Savaş Karakaş produces and hosts ‘Traces on Water’ serial for Turkish documentary channel beIN IZ HD since 2006.

The event will start with a talk and followed by a book signing with Savaş Karakaş.

Date :Thursday 19 March 2020

Time: 8 pm

Venue:Yunus Emre Institute in London

10 Maple Street, London, W1T 5HA

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