Online Talk: Dr. Murat Şiviloğlu

Yunus Emre Institute in London is delighted to present a new and fascinating online talk as part of the Arts & Culture Lecture series with Dr Murat Şiviloğlu on “The Ottoman Empire and the Emergence of its Irish Question” on Thursday 3rd of March at 19:00. 

The event will start with a talk by Dr Şiviloğlu and will be followed by a Q&A session.


The Ottoman Empire and Ireland seem an unlikely pair in every respect. In the secondary literature, the paths of the two countries never converge. Except for Sultan Abdülmecid’s famous aid during the Famine, there has been virtually no discussion of the relationship between the two countries. 

By using the accounts of Ottoman authors and through a careful reading of archival materials from different eras, in this talk Şiviloğlu will analyse the Ottoman perceptions of Ireland from the early modern era to the twentieth century. These documents and testimonies suggest that there was considerable interest in Ireland among Ottoman intellectuals and statesmen. They saw the country as some sort of anomaly which could be possibly useful in their dealings with Britain. For that reason, they diligently followed the developments taking place in Ireland. 

The case study in this talk will first discuss the importance of Ottoman archival materials for the purposes of comparative history; second the vibrant interest of the Ottoman Empire in the outside world in general and in Ireland in particular.

Date: Thursday 3rd March 2022 

Time: 7 pm 

Location: Online via ZOOM 

About the Speaker

Murat Şiviloğlu is currently an Assistant Professor in Yunus Emre Institute Lectureship in Turkish Cultural History at the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Trinity College Dublin. He holds a PhD degree in History from the University of Cambridge. His dissertation, completed under the supervision of Professor Sir Christ Bayly, was published by Cambridge University Press as a monograph entitled Emergence of Public Opinion: State and Society in the Late Ottoman Empire. 

His research focuses on the social and intellectual history of the Ottoman Empire during the nineteenth century. He is currently working on a new book project, Murder in the Harem: Life, Trial and Death of Emine Hanim, which is going to be published by Indiana University Press in 2023.


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