Anatolia’s Woven Sounds | Coşkun Karademir

“Türküleri anladım hangi dilde söylenirse söylensin”
(I understand Turkish Folk Music in any language it is sung)
………- — Nazım Himet Ran | Türküler

Date:  Monday 11 April 2022
Door opens: 5:30 pm (UK Time)
Concert starts: 6 pm (UK Time)
Venue:  10 Maple Street, London, W1T 5HA
Ticket: £10

Turkish Folk Music – a storied tapestry woven from cultural threads that reach from the turquoise shores of the Mediterranean, the dark reds of the Aegen, to the earth greens of the Black Sea.

The Ottoman Empire, a mosaic for different ethnicities and cultures, formed an invaluable musical folk tradition. While diverse, this musical culture ties together through a love of sound and universal emotions that transcend time and communities.

During the upcoming concert, award-winning musician, Coşkun Karademir, will perform a medley of selected Turkish Folk Music on his saz and kopuz, ancient central Asian string instruments. Karademir, with his vast musical experience, will be playing Turkish Folk Music which has the depth, strength, and richness that can only come from a long history and deep communal appreciation.

Come along to the Yunus Emre Institute in London on 11 April 2022, as Coşkun Karademir weaves a tapestry of Turkish cultural heritage through the strings of his Kopuz and join a conversation in the universal language of music.