Anatolia’s Woven Sounds Concert with Coşkun Karademir

Notable Turkish musician Coşkun Karademir weaved a tapestry of Turkish cultural heritage during the Anatolia’s Woven Sounds Concert performing Turkish Folk Music on his kopuz at Yunus Emre Institute London.


Coşkun Karademir performing at Yunus Emre Institute on his Kopuz

Yunus Emre Institute London was delighted to host renowned Turkish musician Coşkun Karademir for the Anatolia’s Woven Sounds Concert on Monday 11th April 2022 at the Institute in Fitzrovia. During the concert, award-winning musician, Coşkun Karademir, sung and performed a medley of selected Turkish Folk Music on his kopuz, a fretless ancient central Asian string instrument. 

Karademir, with his vast musical experience, played Turkish Folk Music which has the depth, strength, and richness that can only come from a long history and deep communal appreciation. 


Coşkun Karademir performing at Yunus Emre Institute in front of a full audience

Learning from countless Anatolian musical masters, Coşkun Karademir is a bağlama and kopuz master who has devoted himself to folk and mystical music, releasing unforgettable albums in both genres. With a variety of solo, duo, quartet and ensemble projects, Coşkun Karademir continuously presented local musical textures to world music audiences. He collaborates with extraordinarily successful artists in their fields from Turkey and around the world to produce original projects, and creates instrumental works, albums and concert projects as well music for films and television series. 

He has gone on to receive awards and recognition for his success as a musical director for several albums. Blending his own work with that of great sufis, âşıks and minstrels who have left an indelible mark on hearts throughout history, he lovingly crafts his own original art. 



Master musician Coşkun Karademir performing at Yunus Yesterday, the audience joined Karademir as he delved into Anatolia’s heartfelt musical expression. His solo performance swept through a number of much-loved Turkish pieces which he sang and played with heart-felt emotion that was felt by every member of the audience. It was not surprising nor was it out of place to notice teary eyes among the listeners who were overcome with the moving music and lyrics.  

Towards the end of the performance, Karademir invited the concertgoers to join in him in singing the much-loved songs he was performing and many in the audience obliged. In unison, the audience accompanied Karademir with the vocals to create an emotional harmony that caused goosebumps. 

Whether they knew the pieces or not, it was clear, the audience was moved by the music they heard. 

The concert will be available to watch on Yunus Emre Institute’s YouTube channel, @yeelondra. 

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