Ceramic Coffee Cup Painting Workshop with Artist Nagihan Seymour

Discover traditional İznik ceramic patterns of the Baba Nakkash period & paint your own Turkish Coffee Cup!


Discover traditional ceramic patterns of the Baba Nakkash period and explore the history of the classical Turkish art of ceramic/çini painting from renowned artist Nagihan Seymour.  

İznik pottery is named after the town of İznik in western Anatolia where it was founded. From the last quarter of the 15th century until the end of the 17th century, these decorated ceramics were one of the most important decorative materials embellishing Ottoman structures ranging from palaces to mosques. Baba Nakkas was the head Nakkas (Artist) of the Ottoman Palace in the 15/16th centuries. Baba Nakkas has given this period its name with his new styles and techniques that are still admired today.

The fig leaves, different mushroom motifs, and flowers like Lily were used by Baba Nakkas both in Tezhip and on ceramics such as bowls, jugs, and vases.

During this workshop, you will first be introduced to all the materials and their uses handled in this age-old art. After becoming acquainted with the materials, you will be shown painting techniques in the Baba Nakkash style and will paint your own Turkish Coffee Cup which can be used as an espresso cup too! Following the class, the instructor will glaze and fire the finished works in a kiln. The attendees will be able to collect their work from the Yunus Emre Institute London once they are ready. Suitable for all levels and the course price is including all materials.



The cup and saucer size:

Height 6.0cm
Diameter 6.0cm

Height 2.0cm
Diameter 15.0cm

Overall height of cup and saucer is 6.5cm


Ceramic Coffee Cup Painting Workshop with Artist Nagihan Seymour

Date:  Saturday, 16 July 2022
Workshops starts: 1 – 5 pm (UK time)
Venue: 10 Maple Street, London, W1T 5HA
Ticket: £65
Class Size:  Min. 5 – Max.15 participants

For more information on the event please our website or email at londra@yee.org.tr

About the Artist

Nagihan Seymour is a UK-based Turkish artist. Although she is a materials engineer, she has been interested in art since her university years, having studied traditional arts privately in her home city of Istanbul, Turkey. During these studies, she learned the tradition and techniques involved in this discipline.

Manuscript illumination was the major part of her studies, and as her style has developed she started to combine sacred geometry with classic illumination, putting a modern twist on an ancient art form. She was also interested in traditional İznik çini ceramic painting and she is applying her patterns on İznik ceramics and firing them in her kiln at her studio in Egham.

Nagihan works as a full-time artist joining art fairs in the UK and working on commissions. Please see Nagihan’s websites for paintings and ceramics.

Please understand, whilst every care is taken in firing your work, ceramics can be subject to cracking during firing.