“Dede Efendi” Classical Ottoman/Turkish Music Concert

Dede Efendi” Classical Ottoman/Turkish Music Concert

Experience the mesmerizing world of Dede Efendi’s Ottoman classical music with four virtuosos this January through the harmonious blend of qanun, oud, kemenche, percussions and vocals.

Dede Efendi was one of the greatest composers of Ottoman/Turkish classical music. Immerse yourself in his timeless compositions and celebrate the rich heritage of Turkish classical music at St. Mary’s Church London on Wednesday 24 January 2024, at 7pm.

The ensemble for the evening boasts a lineup of exceptionally talented musicians with Baha Yetkin on the ud and vocals, Serdar Yilmaz on the qanun, Alexandros Koustas on the classive kemenche and Muammer Sağlam on the percussion.

This concert was organised under the auspices of Yunus Emre Institute London with the support of Turkish Airlines.

Hammâmîzâde İsmâil Dede Efendi, born in 1778, in Istanbul, is a luminary in the world of Turkish classical music, leaving an indelible mark as a composer, ney player, and vocalist. Under the guidance of esteem figures Uncuzade Mehmet Emin Efendi and then Ali Nutkî Dede of the Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge in 1798. It was at this lodge drew the attention of Ottoman Sultan Sultan III who establishing him among the favored composers of the time.

Dede Efendi’s legacy endures through the survival of nearly 300 of his compositions. Today, his compositions, ranging from mystical Mevlevi rituals to secular tunes, stand as a testament to his enduring impact on Turkish classical music, capturing the essence of an era through the timeless beauty of his art.


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