Duration: 15 weeks

Start date: 14th February  2022

End date: 11th June 2022

Time: Evening classes (18.00-20.00), Saturday classes (15.00-18.00)

Total hours: Evening classes 60 hours, Saturday classes 45 hours

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This course will be taught with Zoom

If you are not sure about your level, please contact our Turkish Course coordinator.

A1: Can understand very short, simple texts a single phrase at a time, picking up familiar names, words and basic phrases. Can recognise and use familiar words and simple phrases for concrete purposes. Can introduce himself or someone else. Can ask and answer basic questions about home, family, surroundings, etc. Can write simple isolated phrases and sentences.

A1.1: First four units of the Yedi İklim A1 level book

A1.2: Last four units of the Yedi İklim A1 level book.

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