Yûnus’un Otağı: Turkish Culture&Speaking Club

Days: Every Friday
Time: 18.00 – 20.30
Start date: Friday 23rd February 2024
End date: Friday 10th May 2024
Fee: Free for current Turkish course students
Teacher: Hadra Kübra Erkınay Tamtamış
Address: 10 Maple Street, W1T 5HA

Practice your Turkish speaking in a relaxing and informal environment with refreshments, games, videos, and fun surprises at our latest club: Yûnus’un Otağı (Yunus’ home)!

Yûnus’un Otağı” is a club established in 2022 by Yunus Emre Institute London in order to promote Turkish language and culture. The club Yûnus’un Otağı, which translates as ‘Yunus’ tent’ takes its name from the famous poet, Yunus Emre, as well as a traditional Turkish tent used as a former living space, brings together those who want to experience Turkish culture and practice their Turkish language skills every Friday evening. The club is run by Turkish Education Coordinator Dr. Hadra Kübra Erkınay Tamtamış, and Turkish teachers of the institute also join each week. A theme is addressed every week in the club, and various materials appropriate for the theme are prepared and provided on club days. The club is free of charge for Turkish course students at Yunus Emre Institute London. In addition to practicing Turkish, the club organizes a variety of activities to promote Turkish Culture, such as: making Turkish Coffee, kneading çiğ köfte (traditional meatballs) during Turkish Sıra Night, performing Turkish Folk Dances and singing folk songs. The themes that will be covered in the club during the 2023 Spring semester are as follows: introducing yourself, games (taboo, name-placeanimal-thing, silent cinema), drinks, Turkish Movies, Turkish TV Series, travel/trip and a list of places to visit in Turkey. 

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23.02.2024 Aşure Günü / Ashura Day

01.03.2024 Alışveriş / Shopping 

08.03.2024 Çocuk Oyunları / Kid Games

15.03.2024 Ramazan çadırı / Ramadan Tent 

Ramadan/Easter Break 

19.04.2024 Ebru / Paper Marbling 

26.04.2024 Türk Folklor Dansları / Turkish Folklore Dance 

10.05.2024 Türk Kültür Gecesi / Turkish Culture Night

Yûnus’un Otağı is a weekly culture and conversation club series at Yunus Emre Institute London. This term, every Friday between 23rd February 2024 to 10th May 2024, we will be collecting in person to celebrate, try and taste different aspects of Turkish culture! This club is free of charge and open to all registered Turkish course students. 

For further information please contact us on 0207 387 3036 or at londra@yee.org.tr