Pronunciation and Effective Speaking Techniques (In-person)



Turkish Course / Pronunciation and Effective Speaking Techniques (In-person)

Duration: 10 weeks – every Tuesday (once a week)
Start date: Tuesday 30th April 2024
End date: 
Tuesday 02nd July 2024

Fee: £140
Materials: will be provided by the teacher every week.
Teacher: Melihat NAZIM

This course will be taught in-person. 

Communication is really important in life because it helps us connect with others and express ourselves. In this course, we will focus on improving your speaking skills, which are crucial for effective communication. 

Our 10-week elocution course at the Yunus Emre Institute in London is designed to help you become a more confident speaker. We will provide you with the tools you need to communicate clearly and make a strong impression. During the course, we will not only talk about the theory of communication but also explore Turkish language and culture to help you improve your pronunciation and communication skills. 

Through a mix of theory and practice, you will learn how to express your ideas clearly and convincingly. Whether you are giving a prepared speech or speaking off the cuff, our program will give you the skills and confidence to hold your audience’s attention. Come join us and become a better communicator!  

 Let’s unlock your full potential together.

  1. Introduction, the purpose of the course; assessment of participants’ expression and articulation skills
  2. The effects of the diaphragm on speech, the journey of breath turning into letters/sounds
  3. Exercises for opening and developing the diaphragm muscle
  4. Voice breath exercises
  5. Tongue lip jaw exercises / Tongue twisters
  6. Correct usage of long-short, open-closed sounds and suffixes / articulation
  7. Correct emphasis and intonation exercises
  8. Presentation techniques
  9. Theoretical information on determining the boundaries and content of the topic to be presented
  10. Prepared and unprepared speech practices

The course is recommended for individuals who have learned Turkish as a foreign language and have achieved at least a B1 level proficiency or above. It is also recommended for individuals who have grown up in a foreign country with Turkish as their native or second language. 

For further information and registration please contact us on 0207 387 3036 or at