Create Mesmerizing Patterns on Water: Paper Marbling (Ebru) Workshop



Paper Marbling (Ebru) Workshop

Date: Saturday, 18 May 2024
Time: 2 – 4 pm
Duration: 2 hours
Cost:  £45 (includes course materials) 
Class Size: Min. 5 – Max.15 Students
Instructor: Dilara Karaağaç
Location: 10 Maple Street W1T 5HA (Nearest tube stations: Warren Street and Goodge Street) 

Experience the art of paper marbling (Ebru) and paint mesmerising patterns on water with this workshop led by renowned Ebru artist Dilara Karaağaç. 

Ebru (paper marbling) is an art form that has been experimented with for centuries. Utilising water, natural ingredients, dyes, and a set of unique tools, Ebru patterns and motifs are ‘painted’ onto water to be transferred onto sheets of paper, fabric, or other canvases. More than simply an art-form, Ebru artists and apprentices consider their art to be an essential part of their traditional culture and lifestyle, holding the knowledge, skills, and philosophy at great esteem. 

Entry Requirements 

You must be 16+ to attend the course. 

No experience or skills are required, only a sense of wonder and creativity. Don’t miss this opportunity and join the Ebru workshop today! 

Required Equipment & Materials 

All materials will be provided by the Institute. 


  • The workshop is taught in English, but some terminology used may be in Turkish. 
  • We recommend you wear comfortable clothes. 
  • It is recommended to always take safety precautions when performing crafts and activities. 
  • Please note filming and photography will be taking place throughout this event, and may be used for promotional and archival purposes. By registering for this event, attendees consent to this. 

If you have any questions or queries, please direct them to us on