Turkish Course for Advanced Level



Turkish Course / Metin Analizi for Advanced Level (B2-C1-C2)

Duration: 10 weeks – every Wednesday (once a week)
Time: 18.00-20.00
Start date: Wednesday 23th March 2022
End date: Wednesday 11th May 2022
Fee: £125
Materials: will be provided by the teacher every week.

This course will be taught with Zoom

You have learnt the Turkish language through your great efforts. You are able to understand, read, write and speak Turkish. However, as you can appreciate, having command of a language requires time and enthusiasm.

Would you like to improve your Turkish language and interact with Turkish culture through Turkish authors and poets? We offer you a 10-week course in order to achieve this goal. The course features poems, stories, fairy tales, essays, articles, songs, folk songs, folk song stories, idioms, proverbs and other intricacies of the Turkish Language.

You will maximise your vocabulary, be more likely to analyse texts and converse in a diverse range of topics. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity!

For further information and registration please contact us on 0207 387 3036 or at londra@yee.org.tr