Turkish Course for Children (14-16 ages) | Saturday Classes | Level 1 | Without Materials



Duration: 17 weeks

Start date: 3rd February 2024

End date: 13rd July 2024

Time: Saturday classes (15.00-15.40 / 15.50-16.30  / 16.40-17.20)

Materials: Text book, workbook and audio CD

The Academic Calendar:

Level 1 Course Schedule (Saturday) 

Term 1st  Term2nd  Term 3nd 
February 03rd- March 23rd (7 weeks)    April 20th -May 25th  

(6 weeks)  

June 22nd -July 13rd  

(4 weeks)  

Course Hours 

Saturday (In Person)   14-16 age group   (Level 1) 
1st Lesson 15.00-15.40  
Break 15.40-15.50  
2nd Lesson 15.50-16.30  
Break 16.30-16.40  
Third Lesson 16.40-17.20   

If you are not sure about your child’s level, please contact our Turkish Course coordinator.

Turkish language will be taught with appropriate curricula prepared for bilingual and foreign children according to their levels and age groups. The “Türkçe Öğreniyorum Seti,” prepared by the Yunus Emre Institute Turkish Education Directorate, will be used as source material. This set, consisting of a textbook, workbook, and listening recordings, is designed for children who want to learn Turkish at Turkish Culture Centers. In addition to this set, the books “Çocuklar İçin Türkçe” and “Resimlerle Kelime Öğreniyorum” from Yunus Emre Institute publications will be used. Also, the Ministry of National Education’s “Türkçe ve Türk Kültürü” sets will be used as materials. Alongside these resources, teachers will provide various worksheets and materials suitable for students’ levels. 

Children enrolled in Turkish and Turkish Culture classes will benefit from our institute’s library, which consists of approximately 10,000 Turkish books, and will have the opportunity to participate in various activities of our Culture Center representing Türkiye in London. Additionally, contributions and support will be provided to children’s socio-cultural lives through various cultural and artistic activities such as paper marbling, Karagöz-Hacivat, concerts, exhibitions, calligraphy, illuminations, and more.   

The program, planned as three lessons per week, will transfer Turkish and Turkish Culture theoretically in the first and second lessons, and practical exercises will be conducted in the third lesson. The course program, prepared according to the academic calendar of schools, is designed to last for 17 weeks.

Our teachers are native speakers, and class sizes are usually 15 students (max). Please note that all classes run subject to student numbers. If you are unsure of your level, you will be assessed by our teachers to put you in a class that matches your current ability. Please make your enquiry to londra@yee.org.tr to book your placement test.

Students will be registered on first come first serve basis, please note that our language classes are very popular and we advise students to register and pay their fees in order to avoid any disappointment.

Material List:

**If you already have the “Türkçe Öğreniyorum” book set, there is no need to purchase additional materials. You can simply enroll in the course.