Turkish Course for Tourists | Online



Duration: 7 weeks – every Tuesday (once a week)
Time: 18.30-20.30
Start date: Tuesday 16th April 2024
End date:  Tuesday 28th May 2024
Fee: £145
Materials: Turkish Speaking Guide For Foreigner (will be posted to your address)
Teacher: Kevser Kübra BOLAT ÖZALPDEMİR

**This course will be taught via Teams

Turkish is the official language of Türkiye, spoken by 90 million people worldwide. In addition to those who learn Turkish as a foreign language, a 7-week course has been planned in order to facilitate the visit experience of people who go to Türkiye, which has four seasons of beauty, for tourism, health and commercial purposes, to make this trip enjoyable, to ensure the understanding of simple expressions by cultural exchange with local people. This course aims to improve Turkish speaking practice with basic expressions and daily dialogues under the following topics and aims to give trainees a better experience in Türkiye. 

This course is recommended for students at A1 and A2 levels. The book “Turkish Speaking Guide for Foreigners” published by Yunus Emre Institute will be used as a source in the course. The book contains sample dialogues from various social situations at the airport, hotel, restaurant, hospital, etc., along with the relevant vocabulary, and pronunciations have been made by expert vocal artists. The guide contains 21 chapters to provide information in every situation which one many encounter in social life. Furthermore, the course teacher will enrich the course with various materials each week. 

 Topics that will be covered during the course:  

  1. Greetings and Meeting – Alphabet
  2. At the Airport – At the Hotel – At the Restaurant
  3. Asking Adress – Transportation – Shopping
  4. At the Hospital – At the Pharmacy – Emergency Situations
  5. Social Life- Activities – Festives
  6. Basic Tenses– Expressions
  7. Review