Bağlama (Saz) Course | Online&In-Person | One-to-One | All Levels 

Date: 24 May – 28 June 2024
Time: 60-minute slots each week as agreed with the Instructor
Duration: 6 weeks
Fee: £240
Class Size: One-to-one
Instructor: Umut Ekiz
Location: 10 Maple Street W1T 5HA (Nearest tube stations: Warren Street and Goodge Street) or ONLINE platforms 

Online One-to-One Lessons: 

Students will have the flexibility to schedule online one-to-one lessons on any day agreed upon with the instructor throughout an 6-week period. 

In-Person One-to-One Lessons at the Institute: 

Students can opt for in-person one-to-one lessons held at the Institute on Thursdays, at a time mutually agreed upon with the instructor, spanning over 6 weeks. 

Entry Requirements
You must be 16+ to attend the course.
A Saz is required for this course. 

Course Overview
Experience personalized instruction with flexible scheduling options for both online and in-person one-to-one lessons, spanning 6 weeks, tailored to your preferences and convenience. 

This ONLINE | IN-PERSON course will introduce students to the Bağlama (Saz) – one of the most well-known instruments in Anatolian folk music, and the main instrument of traditional Aşık (Ashik) music of Anatolia. 

This is a practical introduction to the Bağlama that will provide participants with a step-by-step guide on how to play the Turkish “Kısa-Sap Bağlama” (short neck) Bağlama in “Bağlama düzeni” (Bağlama tuning scheme) and its basic performance styles with a plectrum. 

The classes will be held either online or face-to-face at the Institute on a 60-minute individual one-to-one basis at a time agreed with the student and the instructor. Please arrange your 60-minute slot for the weekly one-to-one sessions with the course instructor Umut Ekiz after registration. 

Methods of Teaching
The course will be taught according to the traditional training and the educational model used in Anatolia, which has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. 

Assessment & Certification
Students will receive a hand-out at the beginning of the course about the terms used and feedback throughout the duration of the course to track improvement. 

A digital certificate of attendance or completion certificate will be issued at the end of the course. 

Required Equipment & Materials
Please note that a Bağlama (saz) is required for this course. Please ensure that you have your own saz before commencing the course. 

You may wish to purchase a Bağlama online but please note that shipment of Bağlamas may take up to two weeks, so we advise you to make arrangements accordingly to ensure timely receipt before the start of the course. 

Please contact the instructor Umut Ekiz at for recommendations on purchasing a Bağlama. 

Unfortunately, Yunus Emre Institue London cannot hire out the instrument to students this term. 

The course is taught in English, but some terminology used may be in Turkish. 

The Cultural Institute endeavors to maintain a conducive learning environment by ensuring that courses meet a minimum enrollment. However, in the event that this requirement is not met by the conclusion of the registration period, the Institute reserves the right to cancel the course one day prior to its scheduled commencement. In such instances, any course fees paid by enrolled students will be promptly refunded in full. Refunds will be processed to the student’s designated bank account, except in cases where the course was purchased online, in which refunds will be issued via PayPal. 

Applicants have the flexibility to withdraw their application without incurring any charges up until the commencement date of the course. However, withdrawals made after the course has commenced will be subject to a 25% administration fee deducted from any refundable amount. No refunds will be issued for withdrawals made after the completion of two weeks of course instruction. 

In the event a lesson is cancelled, the lesson will be added at the end of the course. We advise students to keep two weeks free from the course end date. 

Successful completion of the course requires a minimum attendance of 60%. Students failing to meet this requirement will not be eligible for course certification. 

While the Cultural Institute strives to maintain a safe learning environment, students are reminded that they are solely responsible for the security of their personal belongings. The Institute assumes no liability for any loss or damage to personal items incurred during course activities. 

By enrolling in the course, students acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the aforementioned terms and conditions. 

If you have any questions or queries, please direct them to us on